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Dark Souls Elite 4.3.2 Cata We're back!

MoP Stat Changes -must read- lot of changes are coming to many stats we all use. Just take a look.
Small Alinastaul / Gotret 6y
Alinastaul / Gotret11313Small Alinastaul / Gotret 6y
Dark Souls Elite 4.3.2 Cata We're back!

POWA! Website back up and running...and other lill ramblings

So we have the website up again. I have admin atm. Rude can have that rank too if he wants. I want to start making some plans for dse raids and being able to post pics updates schedules and fun stuff, chat, videos of ingame boss downs, ev...
Small Lillea 6y
Lillea31649Small Lillea 6y
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