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Welcome to Dark Souls
Dark Souls Elite is a 10 man casual raiding guild that is home to a very dedicated and great group of players. Most of the guild has been together since the original release of the server in the start of The Burning Crusade.

The guild aims to progress together through relevant content but many members also enjoy Pvp (Battlegrounds and Arena) or putting together old content raids just to re live the good old days.

Our raiding team is a very dedicated group of people that are willing to help out anyone new to raiding get gear, learn their class and be a better raider in general. The guild uses a Main Spec /Off spec free roll system for loot in addition to the use of a loot council that will help balance out the drops so that the raid gets better together rather than just some individuals.

If you want a casual guild that will down bosses but not at the expense of real life or fun (Yes, top world European guilds that raid 18 hours a day, 7 days a week we're talking to you.) Then put an application in and we'll get back to you.

We are currently looking for a Hunter, Warlock, Shaman (Ele or Resto) and a Resto Druid (We'll love you forever if you're a Resto druid). If you are not one of these classes or specs please feel free to apply anyway, we are currently looking at putting together another 10 man or possibly getting into 25 mans (Big maybe on that one). So if we feel there is room and you make the cut we'd be happy to have you. :)
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